Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Guess what this is?? Its called "Parmesan Crumbed Chicken".....and guess how tasty it was??? It was Pretty Tasty..... yes My boyfriend is a masterchef

Ever since we arrived, Kieran has been exploring his talents in the kitchen, and hes pretty damn good! Tonight I came home to the meal above, this is just one of the many yummy experiments that he has come up with.

yum yum yum!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Molto Bene!

No matter where you are travelling in the world, and how exciting it may be, getting up at 4am to go to the airport is always the pits. But with our bags all packed, a sausage roll in hand, and my never ending supply of drugs (yes, still sick, I am a walking chemist) we conquored it!

Where did we take our early morning flight to? Rome

We arrived at our hostel, checked in then went out for a stroll. First stop...A little Italian restaurant for a feed of Cabonara! And yes, it was delicious.

We took another short stroll and landed at a Gelati Shop, Met a couple of Australian Girls who had just drank a bottle of red wine, Took another short stroll to a deli, then just another short stroll away we were at the Colosseum! Everything In Rome is very close, and walking is definitely a must. Everywhere you turn you see something.

We went to many sights, The Spanish steps, Trevvi fountain, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican, The catacombes, and many churches and ruins along the way.

Its a city where you must be assertive, from crossing the road to telling waiter what you want to order from a menu, its a culture and a city that can push you around.

Here are some photos of our little trip. I never really put photos up of us two in it, but this trip we took alot, so here is a tribute to the "Self taken photo"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

oui oui

Anyone ever buy junk at the airport? You know... you go into the magazine shops and you buy magazines that usually, you would never buy just to get the 2 hour flight over and done with?? Yes well, Last Thursday night, that was me. We decided to buy the April Edition of the Lonely planet magazine at the Airport, jumped on the plane and read an Article about Paris. The very first paragraph read: " Paris is in a bad mood. The Sullen, grey sky seems to be snivelling sleet and the winter depression has even sucked the dazzle out of the Eiffel Tower, leaving it looking like a leftover...."
Mmmmm......... the flight we were sitting on was heading for paris.

Opening our hotel window on the first morning it was damp and dreary. Who cares, it is what we open our curtains to every day in Dublin. We had a bath (ahh yes a bath, something we had been dreaming of since the day we moved into our bathless unit) got dressed, got our trendy tourist map, and walked into town.

Oh, the patisseries, the Butchers, the Fromageries, the chocolate shops, the people wearing beret's, the amount of baguettes being carried around in brown paper bags, the accent, (and the Lacoste shop), the Architecture, the florists (and the smell as you walk past), the little french cars, the churches, the strawberries and the cleanliness...........All of the above were amazing!

The Eiffel Tower was great, The Musee De Louvre was just Gigantic, Notre Dame was incredible, Paris City by night is well worth a look, and a nice French Meal was a way to top it off.

Catacombes, Madeleine, Arch Di Triumph, Napoleons Tomb, Sacre Coeur.......Paris defiantly Turned it on for us....and Mr Crepe man (not just one, the many we went to ) we love your Nutella Crepes.

So dear Mr Lonely planet writer......I think you should go back to Paris , Visit Mr Crepe Man, and take another look around Paris.

The best creperie

Kieran Picking Strawberries
The Catacombes
The View from the Notre Dame