Sunday, August 8, 2010

An arty Weekend

Kieran and I have a stroke of creativity in us both, and we have always loved doing creative things together. This weekend we brought an old chair back to life with some new material and a paint job, and we made a cardboard deer head. We named him Hunter.
take a little peek!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

crazy sisters

We had some Friends from America come and Stay with us for while, (Erica and Nicole) and after we dropped them at the airport, we realised we may have to talk to each other again.......the house was empty.

We had alot of fun with them, alot of Laughs, and alot of pizzookie! Thanks girls for coming and visiting us! We hope you make it home saftely!

Croatia dreamingl

I have already done a little post about croatia and how much fun we had there....but I have to tell you all again. We loved it. Some of our best holidays are beach holidays, put the towel around your neck, jump on a bike, go to the beach, have a couple of drinks, do some swimming and sunbaking....theres nothing more relaxing.

We were on the little island of Brac, and we had alot of fun.
Kieran did some Kitesurfing, I did some Sunbathing, and we both did some relaxing. I had my 25th Birthday there, and we had a great day topped off with a traditional Croatia Dinner that was very yummy. The Locals are some of the Nicest people we have met, everyone was very welcoming, and healpful. We met one lady from Bosnia who helped us out on the first night trying to find our hotel, and the owner of our apartment couldn't do any more for us, including cooking us a barbeque one night.

Here are some photos

The tip of the beach with some Kitesurfing going on

The Traditional Croatian Houses. Lots of Rustic looking windows with Vines choking every pole and lattice in their yard. It was very Italian looking.

The Double Blow up air bed that we bought and floated around in. It has an esky in the side of it........Siobhan and Brad, if you are really nice to us, we may send it over...
This is us on my 25th Birthday! I now get to Drive Hire cars!

The little light house type thing in Bol

The Hills are Alive

Ok, so lets backtrack a little bit. This post is BEFORE croatia, when we were in Salzburg, Austria.

I remember always watching the Sound of Music when I was a little girl, and my dad walking past the tv muttering "not this one again". I remember all the songs, and can sing them on cue, and also remember my mum telling me that when she was a little girl, she went and saw it with her Aunty in Sydney, so the Sound of Music tour was a must....basically there was no other choice.

Much to Kierans disinterest, I booked the Tour.....for BOTH of us (he loved it...secretly loved it).

We went to many locations, (all the locations are very far apart, in the movie you get the feeling everything is filmed within one location, but alas, very far apart.

Here are some photos of the places we went to.

The Fountain that the kids sing and dance around

The church where Maria and the Captain got married

The Rotunder that Lesle and Her boyfriend sung in on that wet wet was pouring rain when we were there...its a nice raincoat isn't it?

The house and lake where the children and Maria were in the boat, and fell out of the boat. Aparently little Grettle couldn't swim, so during that scene she was literally pulled out of the water by her hair.