Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Vaults

For the last Month, we have got up every Saturday and said to each other, "We will be in the city by 12 and go to St Micheans Church to see the mummies..."it never happened UNTIL yesterday! We got up and got to St Micheans Church in time for the tour of the Vaults.

It has abit of History behind it, so I think I should tell you that before I show you the photos. It was largely rebuilt in 1686 on the site of an 11th century Hiberno-Viking church and underneath the church are vaults which lie a number of bodies that have barely decomposed because of the dry atmosphere created by the church's magnesian limestone walls. Their wooden caskets, however, have cracked open. Revealing the preserved bodies, complete with skin and strands of hair. Families once paid 4 years worth of wages for a vault, though once it was bought, it could be used by the same families for many generations. Some are still in use today.

Its a scary climb down into the Vaults, though once you get down there its a history lesson that no one should miss!
When looking at the mummies, the guide pulls back the fence and lets you go in there and touch them.....Kieran went in and touched them for the both of us. Here are the photos.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Off to the Ball

I am sitting here at 2:31am, unable to sleep, dosed up on a mixture of red bull, champagne, red wine and cider. Yes, we have just been to a ball. A rather enjoyable Ball. We won a huge box of chocolates, 2 bottles of red wine, and some soap. I somehow got roped into joining the girls football team (what the???........) and best of all, we had a great time.

We realised that 3 of our new friends look exactly the same, and all of them talked to us at different stages of the night, and we thought they were all the same person........alas, they are not. We met the Newsreader on the Dublin News channel, and A man came up, shook my hand, told me his name and then walked away. Tapping him on the shoulder, I asked, "Excuse me, who are you?" and he replyed quite embarressed, "I am the President of The Ireland GAA (Gaelic Football assocation, so to put it in Australian terms, the head of the AFL). "Ahh", I replyed while Kieran looked at me as if to say "Oh ange", and by the end of the night we had alot of people coming up to us saying, "Ohhhh you guys are the Australians, we have been wanting me meet you".......So all in all, it was a great night, but somehow through all of our mishaps we were pretty popular.

Here are some photos of our night

Friday, February 12, 2010


Excuse my confusion on this blog, I haven't really put some things in order.

Now before the Ghost tour we went to Bristol to see my Beautiful Friend Sara, and her husband Johnno. We spent two nights with them and explored the young vibrant city of Bristol. Do I want to live there....YES! Its incredible, but I think I would not have one cent of money as every shop is full of everything that my heart desires.

Banksy, the famous Graffiti artist has alot of his works around the Buildings of Bristol, along with many other graffiti Artists. Every street you wander into has some form of mural painted on the wall, and everywhere you go feels funky and modern.

We drank alot, talked alot, played gypsies.......and had some very funny moments. What happened in Bristol Stays in Bristol.

Here are some photos

Ghostly Tales

Last Weekend we did abit of sightseeing, and decided to go on the Ghost Tour.
It started at 9:30pm and went for 2 hours. It was really good!

We found out about some of the history of Dublin, and the people who once lived there. We may have even caught a ghost in our photos. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what we did.

Apparently a lady ghost, Once a prostitute dissapears through this arch.

St Kevin's Graveyard, a Graveyard where they once buried people of the lower class. They decided to Turn St Kevins into a park, so they contacted the families of the deceased to come and move the gravestone up against the edge of the fences. So everyday people come and have lunch in this park while being surrounded by headstones.

White White Weather

Snow: An amazing weather occurrence that occurs when it gets really cold, and white powdery flakes fall from the sky that amaze Australians, but somehow put everyone in Ireland in the Angry Bucket.

Ok, so it snowed on New years Eve, but this snowfall was even better. It had been snowing all week and Icing up (this was early January) but we went out with some friends one Saturday night and it started snowing again. To describe it better, it was a blizzard and it was amazing!

We decided to walk home in it, and we had a snowball fight, and found a HUGE Asian Snowman. The roads and footpath were one big snow field and we were freezing, but when its snowing and you are so amazed by what you see, you really don't notice how cold you are.

The next week saw a rise in bone fractures, car accidents, loss of water due to the freezing of pipes, and alot of Angry Irelanders placing their complaints in the Newspapers.

Don't worry Mr Weatherman, you made two little people in Clontarf very happy and amazed with your snowy attitude.

The Mother

The day had come, Wolfmother day!!! We bought tickets to go and see the Australian Band, Wolfmother, and at 25 euro each, why wouldn't we??

We got our rockband gear on (Our fake Leather Jackets) and Brushed Kierans Curls out so he had even more of an afro, and headed for the city. Kieran got mistaken as Wolfmother, and sadly I had to let them down telling his fans that he was a fake.

The show was great! It was so good to hear some aussie accents, and see an Australian band in a tiny little island in the middle of Europe.

Here are some photos of our night.