Friday, February 12, 2010


Excuse my confusion on this blog, I haven't really put some things in order.

Now before the Ghost tour we went to Bristol to see my Beautiful Friend Sara, and her husband Johnno. We spent two nights with them and explored the young vibrant city of Bristol. Do I want to live there....YES! Its incredible, but I think I would not have one cent of money as every shop is full of everything that my heart desires.

Banksy, the famous Graffiti artist has alot of his works around the Buildings of Bristol, along with many other graffiti Artists. Every street you wander into has some form of mural painted on the wall, and everywhere you go feels funky and modern.

We drank alot, talked alot, played gypsies.......and had some very funny moments. What happened in Bristol Stays in Bristol.

Here are some photos

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