Friday, February 12, 2010

White White Weather

Snow: An amazing weather occurrence that occurs when it gets really cold, and white powdery flakes fall from the sky that amaze Australians, but somehow put everyone in Ireland in the Angry Bucket.

Ok, so it snowed on New years Eve, but this snowfall was even better. It had been snowing all week and Icing up (this was early January) but we went out with some friends one Saturday night and it started snowing again. To describe it better, it was a blizzard and it was amazing!

We decided to walk home in it, and we had a snowball fight, and found a HUGE Asian Snowman. The roads and footpath were one big snow field and we were freezing, but when its snowing and you are so amazed by what you see, you really don't notice how cold you are.

The next week saw a rise in bone fractures, car accidents, loss of water due to the freezing of pipes, and alot of Angry Irelanders placing their complaints in the Newspapers.

Don't worry Mr Weatherman, you made two little people in Clontarf very happy and amazed with your snowy attitude.

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