Sunday, November 28, 2010


It was Halloween night, and we went out and bought ourselves a pumpkin and decided to join in the celebrations, as its quite big over here.

This is our pumpkin, and some kids out on the street

International rules

Last year we organised all of our flights over to Ireland to land here in time for the international rules series (Australia vs Ireland). We found out just before we got here that they cancelled it due to the 'recession'. Alas, Ireland is in the thick of the recession at the very moment, and this year they decided to go ahead with it, so Kieran had a smile from Ear to Ear.

We got dressed into our aussie gear, and headed into the city to meet a friend at the Aussie pie shop, Bonza Pies, and had a meat pie before the big game. We were decked out in an australian flag, a Wallabies jersey, and Adelaide crows beanies and scarves, so we were impossible to miss. We had people yelling at us from every which way, " Ireland are gunna win"......yeah yeah we thought, to scared to yell back as we were clearly the minority.

We got to the game, found our seat, watched the opening ceremony, and the game began. It started to get extremely cold, but we cheared as loud as we could the entire time, and sung the national anthem at the top of our lungs.

here are some photos

We are happy to add that we walked out of the stadium pretty proud of ourselves......the Aussies spanked them, winning by a mile, and not one irish fan talked to us, let alone looked at us. But thankyou Ireland for such a good game!