Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Vaults

For the last Month, we have got up every Saturday and said to each other, "We will be in the city by 12 and go to St Micheans Church to see the mummies..."it never happened UNTIL yesterday! We got up and got to St Micheans Church in time for the tour of the Vaults.

It has abit of History behind it, so I think I should tell you that before I show you the photos. It was largely rebuilt in 1686 on the site of an 11th century Hiberno-Viking church and underneath the church are vaults which lie a number of bodies that have barely decomposed because of the dry atmosphere created by the church's magnesian limestone walls. Their wooden caskets, however, have cracked open. Revealing the preserved bodies, complete with skin and strands of hair. Families once paid 4 years worth of wages for a vault, though once it was bought, it could be used by the same families for many generations. Some are still in use today.

Its a scary climb down into the Vaults, though once you get down there its a history lesson that no one should miss!
When looking at the mummies, the guide pulls back the fence and lets you go in there and touch them.....Kieran went in and touched them for the both of us. Here are the photos.

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