Saturday, March 20, 2010

St Pat's Day

We had huge visions of St Pats day.....wake up, huge irish breaky, maybe start drinking around 10, go in for the parade then go to a bar and keep drinking till...ohhh around 4 or 5, then go and get a big greasy feed and crash into bed around 8 feeling all better for work the next day.

It didn't happen like that, But don't you worry, there's always next year.

Kieran had to work on St pats, so I jumped on a bus and went in for the parade. ten thousand people in a small city centre has it positives: Huge atmosphere, lots of people to talk to, lots of things to look at.....but you also couldn't move. Dublin certainly takes the brunt of St Pats day, and I must Say the Garda were pretty leniant as there were people hanging off statues, up lamp posts and standing on anything possible to see the parade, and there were no hassles with it.

The parade was great, one of the best I have seen, and also one of the most inventive.

After Kieran got home from work we went to the pub for a drink, and He got his irish Breakfast today, 3 days later.

Don't worry Dublin, we will be back next year and we WILL celebrate.

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