Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Three of them

Joshy (3), Zach(6) and Lauren(2). They keep me busy....and very entertained.

Some things that make me laugh....

Last week I gave Zach (just turned 6) some dinner and he politely informed me " Well Angela, I must say, you are a VERY good cook".......he makes sure every time I walk outside the door I have the keys on me, and he talks about Super Mario ALLLLL day, draws him, makes him out of toilet rolls, and asks if Kieran is ever going to come play the wii game with him.

Lauren makes it known to me every day that I have a mole on my face, and that she "loves cocolate" (chocolate). She loves to kiss my nose but closes her eyes when she does it and always misses, them says very angrily "STOP MOVING YOUR HEAD" She also makes me chase her around the house every morning when I try and get her dressed. "I can do it all by myself" is also a big phrase that has just come into her vocabulary

Joshy loves the movie "Cars" and has all the toy cars from the movie. He MUST have 3 cars in his hands at all times, and if not, I must find right there and then if he loses one. I have learnt my lesson now and have collected every toy car in the house and put them all in a box up high so I can deal them out to him with no dramas. He loves dancing around, so we put the U2 cd on, turn up the volume and he gallops around the living room like a horse.

We all go swimming, go on picnics, go to the movies, go on walks and ride our all sounds glorious. We also have our bad days where they won't eat their dinner, they don't want to do any of the activitys I have planned, where they must have orange juice even though theres not a drop in the house, and where they are so tired they fight and cry over the smallest things.

But when you teach them something and you see them do it the next day, you smile and even though its not my profession, its very rewarding.

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  1. Ange they are super cute!! Nowonder you love looking after them!