Monday, December 28, 2009

Australia VS Ireland

I am through and through Australian, and Kieran is half Irish, Half Australia, Alas why this blog is called "One and a half Australians in Ireland"

So we learn that Australia Vs Rugby Match is being played at Croke Park, Which is quite close to where we live. Kieran wanted to go, but because our banks were quite that loaded yet, we decided to go watch it in a pub.

We were getting ready, and had an Australia Jersey, and an Irish Jersey. Kieran wanted to wear both and take the one off according to which team lost.........I thought that was a bad idea. We tossed a coin and I ended up wearing the Australia Jersey.

We jumped on a bus, and started going into the city to find a pub, but decided against it. It was my first pay week, so we thought, why not find tickets on the street and have a great time and blow all of our money! Very glad we did, we got cheap tickets of a random man (Kieran nearly causing a fight as he told two scalpers he would buy both of their tickets, but only went with one) , got nearly front row seats, got to see a match we will never see again, had fun and got a free flag.

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