Saturday, April 17, 2010

Molto Bene!

No matter where you are travelling in the world, and how exciting it may be, getting up at 4am to go to the airport is always the pits. But with our bags all packed, a sausage roll in hand, and my never ending supply of drugs (yes, still sick, I am a walking chemist) we conquored it!

Where did we take our early morning flight to? Rome

We arrived at our hostel, checked in then went out for a stroll. First stop...A little Italian restaurant for a feed of Cabonara! And yes, it was delicious.

We took another short stroll and landed at a Gelati Shop, Met a couple of Australian Girls who had just drank a bottle of red wine, Took another short stroll to a deli, then just another short stroll away we were at the Colosseum! Everything In Rome is very close, and walking is definitely a must. Everywhere you turn you see something.

We went to many sights, The Spanish steps, Trevvi fountain, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican, The catacombes, and many churches and ruins along the way.

Its a city where you must be assertive, from crossing the road to telling waiter what you want to order from a menu, its a culture and a city that can push you around.

Here are some photos of our little trip. I never really put photos up of us two in it, but this trip we took alot, so here is a tribute to the "Self taken photo"

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