Friday, June 4, 2010

sketch sketch sketch

I was talking to one of my design teachers, and telling her about the lack of creativity Dublin has......she pretty much told me thats not an excuse, its all about the person who looks for the creativity.....and she was spot on! There is so much out there that I just wasn't looking!
So I have started going to a life drawing classes, and booked in for a pottery class and screen printing class next week, and have started to draw alot at home. I have also gained a couple of freelance clients, so its all go!
I also found the Dublin Flea markets that are on the last Sunday of each month, and I went along last week....and I walk in and here are all these extremely talented artists and designers selling all of their work! Just what I have been looking for and needing for inspiration.
Here are a couple of photos of life drawing class and some sketches I have been doing.

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