Thursday, December 23, 2010


We took a short weekend trip to Norway, and thought it was a quaint little city filled with awesome brownies and upgrades to 5 star rooms. Though for anyone who has not been to norway......they LOVE to take your money in every way they can. Now, I am not a scrooge, but having to pay 15 euro for your sheets in a 5 star hotel, and then another 20 euro to have cutlery in your FULLY SELF CATERED APARTMENT is just a little to steep for my liking. We solved the cutlery problem by going next door to the 7 11 and getting free cutlery.

The city of oslo is a very interesting little city full of art gallerys, little cars, snow, and moose. We went along to The munch art Gallery, and saw the painting "The scream". I have fond memories of this painting, my dear, hippie, art teacher, Miss rackham gave us so many essays on this painting.

We went to some markets on Sunday, a very ary crafty market that was in an interesting part of town, and we also had the best brownie in was amazing. Better than the cheesecake that Kierans sister, siobhan makes, and Better than the chocolate slice that my mum makes, and even better than the muffins Kierans Next door neighbours , Karen Makes. Thats right, it beat you all hands down.

The people are nice, the city is clean, it was bloody freezing, but it was a good weekend trip. Here are some photos.

The sculpture park in Oslo

real snowflakes!

a product called "Bog"

do we look cold?

The Scream painting

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