Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Irish Road Trip

Belive it or not, listening to traditional Irish Music while on a road trip makes it SO much more Irish. and its exactly what we did. Bec and I went on road trip for a week, starting up in Donegal and ending in Kilkenny. We also went over to the Aran Islands, to the Island of Inishmore, did the ring of kerry, spent a fun night in cork, and slept in a very scary hostel in Kinsale.

We saw the google street view car pass us as I had to squat on the side of the road, ate Mcdonalds 3 times in one day (we aren't very good influences on each other), had our car sourrounded by sheep, and were led to a couple of car ferry crossings by the gps that really didn't save us anytime whatsoever, as we always missed the boat, and munched on some breakfast rolls from spa....whoever hasn't had them, they sure can cure a hangover.

We saw a good bit or Ireland and as the irish would say, had great craic!

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