Sunday, January 24, 2010

Northern Ireland

New years day was what you call 'a shut down'. Literally. The whole of Dublin had frozen over from the snow the night before and everything had stopped, the buses, the taxis, the people, the shops, it was like a scene from a movie.

We were staying in the city for the night so getting a taxi was going to be beyond impossible, but eventually after alot of walking I stuck my hand out and got lucky!

We got home, un-packed, re-packed, and then went out to the was solid as an ice cube. After many buckets of water poured over it, and many towels to wipe snow/ice off it, we managed to open the doors the at least put our bags in.

I gotta say, as much of an experience it is going to be wiping snow and ice off your car every morning, and one we would never experience in Australia, please god, don't let it be to many mornings.

Kieran drove very slow for around half an hour till we hit the motorway and we were finally off to Northern Ireland!! A place that goes by the pound, that is beautiful, and has a supermarket called the co-operative that sells many yummy desserts.

We stayed n a little town called Bushmills right up the top of the country. It was a gorgeous town, filled with many little fun tourist things.

Next morning we woke up and headed off to the Giants Causeway, a part of the coast line that has been effected by volcanic activity, therefore making the land break up into hexagonal shapes in the most peculiar ways. It also has a legend behind it where you can read about ithere.

We also went to the Rope Bridge, which has a rope bridge suspended between two cliff faces, and then headed off to Dunluce Castle, a castle set right out on a point of the Coastline.

Here are some photos of the Scenery.

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