Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Vacation

We have travelled through 5 countries in the past 5 days, and today was our first big relaxation day on the Island of Brac in Croatia, so , I can't be bothered to write heaps. We are to busy relaxing. Though here are some photos of our trip through salzburg in Austria, some of the "Wasserfall" (waterfall) in germany, and some of croatia. Will write more about it soon...promise
Kieran relaxing and me snorkelling on the island of Brac, Bol, Croatia
The Wasserfall in Gemany. Bloody Huge, and lots of off spray from it. Its bigger than what you see in the photo, it starts way way way up on top of the cliff
The City of Salzburg, Austria. Usually the river is bright blue due to the Limestone Mountains, and the water that runs off them, though this was taken after a couple of hours of Rain.
Us on the Sound of Music Tour, but this had nothing to do with the sound of Music, This is where Mozarts Mum was born, and very close to the little town that red bull is made.

Us climbing the fort in the city of Salzburg.

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