Friday, July 9, 2010

We are going to buy a villa and drink pina coladas all day long

Its true....We are gong to buy a little villa right down near the water on The island of Brac, in the little town called Bol, and we are going to buy one of those double blow up pool beds that comes complete with cup holders, go out to the beach, put our pina coladas in the cup holders, and sip them.....while floating......all day long.

Its not very true, but wouldn't it be nice?

At the moment, we are in Croatia, on a little island just off the mainland of split. Its called Brac, and we are on the west side of the island in a little town called Bol. It is just amazing. The people are incredibly nice, the weather is a nice 27-30 degree, and we haven't seen a cloud in 3 days. Each day we have been snoozing in, getting on our bikes, riding down to the beach, sipping on beers and cocktails while sunbaking, swimming, snorkelling, eating, having midday siestas, and pretty much loving it all.

Today we went mountain Biking and after that kieran went Kitesurfing, (we managed to fit it all in amoung our busy scheduale)

Here are some photos of our hectic lives.

Yes there are two nude swimmers in the photo, but don't let that alarm you....they are everywhere you go
Our favourite beach, packed full of people, very european, but we love it
Pina Coladas!
Us at our favourite beach
Kieran sipping on a beer at our favourite beach

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